Six Ways To Deal With Rejection 

Hey readers,

Sometimes I just want to throw the towel in because I feel like a pile of shit. I am particularly venerable in feeling down because my confidence is at rock bottom. It can be really mentally draining when you are rejected all the time, it can be so disheartened especially when you have so much hope in that one thing.  So, how do you overcome rejection, well here my tops to cope with such a horrible feeling.

rejection 3

1) First of it is ok to grieve in a sense and have a  good  old cry. I feel it is good to mope for short period as it gives you more time to come round to the decision.

rejection 2)Reminding yourself that this feeling will pass and it will get better.

3) A great way to try not to pay all your attention on the feelings of rejection is to  keep yourself distracted. This will make you not feed into the downward spiral of a downer instead you can do something practical and deal with the feelings at a later date when you are calmer.

4) Accepting the rejection and moving on. It may help to acknowledge that you are not the only person in the world to have experienced rejection. At some point in life everyone will experience rejection even the most successful people can;t run away from it either.


5) Rejection maybe a good thing for you. For example if you attended a job interview you could ask the interviewer the reasons behind their decision to not employ you. This could potentially help you learn and help make changes to improve if needed.

6) Finally I feel it is important to praise yourself as it is an indicate that you are living your life  and taking that risk by putting yourself out there.  It takes courage to put yourself in a venerable situation so take time to appreciate the work you have achieved.

What ways help you deal with rejection?

Cheers for reading X

8 thoughts on “Six Ways To Deal With Rejection 

  1. I used to be strong and my old fashion way is to never let it stay in my mind for long time! I find new things to do! But to be honest with you fighting the depression is the hardest thing I am facing currently! sometimes its just hard to deal with daily shit and you fight so hard to pass it but it stays long enough to make you believe that you’ll never be out!
    Thanks for sharing!

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    1. So sorry to hear this. I can totally relate. From one depressive to another I fight every day, sone days are harder then others but I am thankful and words, it helps deal with my messy mind. Thank you for stopping by and commenting X

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  2. I struggle with rejection and not thinking I am good enough or can do anything but rejection isn’t always personal, like my son who is an actor and gets a lot of rejections and it’s rarely to do with his ability to act but more about a particular ‘look’ that is required. Good post!

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  3. I can relate to so much of what you wrote 💐. I’ve dealt with my share of rejection; you’ve got plenty of company 💞. I would totally hang out with you. Rejection-Free Zone 😊🌺

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