simple ways to be mindful

Hey readers,

You don’t have to be deep in mindfulness to appreciate the beauty of mindfulness. You can take little bits of practice and apply to your everyday life.

mindfulness 1

I suppose the first thing is to understand what mindfulness, well basically in a nutshell it is being in a mental state where you are present and mindful of the moment. But also accepting and acknowledging any feelings or thoughts that the person has.

One of the ways to use an activity such as colouring or anything really that involves concentration can help, as well as it being creative can help visitation technique.

Stopping what your doing and focusing on the breathing. If you have a trail of thought accept that and focus on a thought or feeling that you may have, or it could be looking at something in detail in the room. This can bring back being aware of your surrounding and slowing down the thoughts. It can help give you time to think a bit more clearer as well.

mindfulness 2

Another mindfulness practice is to concentrate on the body part that is holding tension and focus releasing that tension. The best thing to do is to sit somewhere quite and comfortable where you can focus on scanning your body where you feel tense, then allow that body part to relax and let go of that tension. This can give you more knowledge of where you might hold tension and also give you sense of listening to your body and working with it to help reduce the anxiety.

Overall, the main idea of mindfulness is breathing, being aware and concentrating on listening to your body, in-turn being mindful of what is happening. However, not necessarily responding in anyway.

mindfulness 3

I myself am not a total convert to mindfulness but I take some practices and adapt them to my life. I have found over the months mindfulness to be beneficial especially when I feel like I am not in control.

I hope this has been enlightening and maybe you want to give it a go. As I said I am no practitioner in it but if you want to look further in detail you can find more information here.

Cheers for reading X

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