Free ways to get excise

Hey readers,

You don’t have to spend a fortune to do exercise, here are some ways to help do exercise without breaking the bank.

exercise 1

A simply but a beneficial one is going for a walk or a run outside. There are apps such as couch to 5k can help you train to build your ability to run. I think it is really good to use if you’re a beginner at running.

There are football/basketball areas where all you need to do is take a ball, great for taking kids and getting fit.


There is so many exercise videos online and the best bit is that there is a wide section of free videos, so you don’t have to fork out. There are sites such as YouTube or simply googling free exercise videos comes up host of variety of free material for you to user at your leisure.

Another exercise you could do at home is walking up and down your stairs. It is a really good way to have a work out, not to mention the benefit of keeping your heart nice and healthy.

Have a look around locally to where you live as you might find outdoor gyms in the park. They are basically gym equipment that is accessible outside and are free to use. I personally feel it is much better to do exercise outside compared to doing in a hot and sweaty indoor gym.


Another new idea that I have recently come across are things called green gyms. They are free outdoor sessions where you work on practical activities such as planting trees or sowing meadows. Not only do you get a good workout but you also get that feel goodness by giving something back to the community.

You can get some great deals on second bikes and then you can pretty much cycle anywhere. Brilliant way to tone up on the legs and a lot more environmentally friendly.

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4 thoughts on “Free ways to get excise

  1. I’m a lazy exerciser these days so I prefer to walk. do some yoga and take every opportunity to walk up and down the stairs. I used to do the whole keep fit cardio thing but I’m too knackered for that now lol. X

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