Pastel Clothing Wishlist

Hey readers,

Recently I have noticed more spring like clothing in the shops and I am loving all the lighter and pastel colours. Here is some items I am loving at the moment.

asos mint trainers
Item 1


1. Firstly, we have this beautiful trainers sold through Asos website. They are from Gola Harrison in the colour of pastel mint trainers. They are great for jazzing up an outfit but also the benefit of comfort, especially if you are doing the school run, result.(£55.00).

yours clothing lilac butterfly print t-shirt - 1
Item 2


2. Next we have this casual butterfly print top from Your Clothing,  I am loving the blend of the lilacs and blue. The top also looks more lighter for the warmer months, because no one wants to be a sweaty betty running around after kids do they! (£15.00).


Asda Lemon trousers
Item 3

3. What a beautiful colour on this trousers, I feel you don’t get to see much lemon, so it is really refreshing too see at Asda, (£14.00).

matalan floral print pjs
Item 4

4. If you want to chill out at home but need something a bit less heavy then look no further then these lovely floral matching top and bottoms  from Matalan,. They have a lovely pastel colour and a bonus is they have an elasticated waist, making them the ultimate comfort. (12.00).

simply be mint ruffle jumper
Item 5

5. I still love a good old jumper when I can get the change to wear during the cooler spring days. I am loving this Mint green jumper at the moment and how lovely is the ruffle detail of this jumper?! You get your mitts on it at Simply Be, (£24.00).

simply belight blue floral shirt
Item 6

6. The last piece on my pastel wishlist is this lovely looking light blue floral embroidered shirt. What I like about this piece the most is the fact that the floral detail is not too loud. I am not a massive floral fan but this is perfect in the amount for me and it is not too girly. From Simply Be , (£32.00).

3 thoughts on “Pastel Clothing Wishlist

  1. I like to see pastels on other people but I’m very much a primary colour person. Pastel shades wash me out – OOH get me with me technical terms lol. I had my colours done before I got married and it was insightful as I’ve always known about the effects that colours have on us, aesthetically and mentally. X

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