No selfie day

Today is no selfie day, would you believe it. I think it is good to do something that quite often we all do regular because of the influence of social media. I think it is good to stop now and again from following the desires of our self-indulgent narcissistic ways and just not do something.

selfie 2

So, therefore today in celebration of no selfie day I am going to go all day without taking any selfies of my gorgeous face, haha. As I cannot take a selfie, therefore I cannot post one in this post I am going to argue why it is good to not take a selfie all the time. As we all know everything should be treated in moderation as ultimately is the key to getting that balance of equilibrium in our lives which makes us the most happiest.

It is lovely not to think about all our imperfections and trying to be this unrealistic desire of perfect. I for one am guilty of trying to get that right angle post so I don’t look so fat. It is a breath of fresh air to not have to worry about how I appear in a photo. All I have to do for the day is just slop about for the day with no thoughts or worries about how I turn out in a photo 😉

selfie 1

It is not always fun trying to get a selfie, as you’re not in the moment because your constantly worries about what you look like. As I am a bit of a lover for mindfulness it is a great opportunity to embrace being in the moment and not worry about a sodding photo but just what other things are happening around you instead.

selfie 3

The main advantage of not taking a selfie all day is not worrying about other people’s reaction and on a superficial level how many likes you get from complete and utter strangers who know nothing about you in real life.


Cheers for reading X

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