How to be awesome

Hey readers,

Do you want to be awesome, I tell you how in my opinion and be warned nothing fancy!


Firstly, cliche I know but just be yourself, you don’t have to pretend  to be something that you are not. Just go with what feels right to you and then you relax more. But remember not everyone will like you and thing sometimes that is a bitter pill to take. However, if you have the attitude that it is OK because not everyone is going the same thing. That is what is good about life having that choice to make your own opinion.

Secondly, sometimes life can drag you right down to the bottom but don’t let the bastards grind you down. SO easy to do but remember it is just an opinion, you choice to take it or  not.  Just got to keep on listening to what your mind says and not what all the external stuff keeps telling you.

Enjoy the right, have a laugh and don’t take it too seriously will help you get through the days and be awesome!

Don’t hold grudges they just grind you down. Let it go like a balloon and focus on the moment because at the end of the day that is all that matters, is the hear and now.

Be around other awesome people that make you inspire to do good.

Keep being real and don’t let influences make too much power of your decisions. Can be hard but keep focused and do what is right for you as a person.

Just enjoy whatever it is that makes you happy and comfortable. Easy to lose sight so times just jotting ideas down on paper can help you refocus on what is important to you.

Just laugh, when life is a bitch just look at the funny stuff to keep you on track.


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