Flats shoes are winners

Hey readers,

I love flats any day over the week and much prefer them to the hell that is high heels. Here are some reasons why flat shoes are winners.


Firstly, you can wear flat shoes for long periods of time and unlike high heels not have to endure massive pain walking in heels.

Flat shoes don’t have to be boring, they can actually be just as pretty as some heel shoes.

Nothing feels as good as feeling confident and when better then in flats.
Flats don’t feel overpowering compared to high heels. They are not flashy but practical and comfortable.


Flats are so god dame comfortable which really makes a different to how you feel.

One of the major benefits with flat shoes is you can actually walk in them, on cobble floors or even run after the bus, you couldn’t do that in a heel I tell you!

One attractive feature of a flat shoe is that it does not come with a high price tag with them, which makes flat shoes a hell of a lot more attractive in my eyes.

You don’t have to suffer with flat shoes like you do with heels. With heels your toes tend to be scrunched up or any sort of pain in your feet when wearing flats, they are just pure joy to wear.


Flat shoes are so versatile with clothing and compliment many different outfits.

I find that I get more wear out of flats as I am more likely to wear those more then special occasions, therefore feel getting more money out of flat shoes.

Most of all you don’t get the pre-dread you experience with heels as you know your feet are going to be happy and you are comfortable which has to be the best reason ever for why flat shoes beat high heels.

Cheers for reading X


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