Parenting is hard at times

Hey readers,

Today I just want to curl up in a ball and hide away from the world. I have had a really difficult day looking after a really energetic child. It didn’t help that when walking into town my son decided all he wanted to do was just scream most of the way and chanting that he wants daddy. It is unbelievably exhausting especially as I am so sensitive to hearing because of my autism.

Then in the afternoon I just constantly had to deal with this mental  battle in my head that if I am not entertaining my child 24/7 then somehow I am a rubbish parent. It is a constant battle that occurs in my own head and the sad thing is, is that it is all made by me. No one has told me that I am rubbish, it is just me putting so much pressure on myself, probably some guilt around being autistic and having shortfalls that other parents don’t have to deal with. However, today my anxiety is so high that I am left with a killer headache because I am so tense from my self-inflicted anxiety. I have already had a panic attack and sometimes when so bad I am fearful social services will come and take my child of me simply because I had the TV on to much or I am a bit rubbish at communicating.  It sounds silly writing this down but at the time them fears are real and frightening.

Why is it so hard to find a middle ground, I suppose this is always my problem never really reaching that right balance of moderation. I have always been extreme because that is just simply the way my brain is wired. I am all or nothing, so naturally it would seem down into my parenting. I think because a lot of things is down to not communicating and no ‘rules’ as such I find it difficulty to manage. All the things that I am good at are structure based and have a step-to-step system, it is what I excel at. I am not good at ambiguous. I never have and I don’t think I will ever have the skills no matter how many times I try. SO, basically I need to accept me for who  I am and instead of putting me down, embrace them skills and use them to my advantage,. I think this is one of the biggest learning curves for me as an autistic parent to master.

breaking down.jpg

But I will say truefully with having such energetic child who will not sit still or does not want to engage in anything longer then five minutes is tough. Especially, when at times where I am by myself and feel like constantly breaking down with fear of how am I going to get past the next three hours?
I hope this stage gets easier and that I can relax and enjoy parenting a bit more and less of a pain in the arse chore that I have to get through.

I feel awful for writing this but this is the truth, this is how I feel at times. Don’t get me wrong other times parenting feels like a breeze especially when there is another parent to help out. But currently with my 3 years old child you it is solid work and really has an ability to have a knack at pushing my buttons.

Cheers for reading X

4 thoughts on “Parenting is hard at times

  1. I here ya!! Hang in there, and concentrate on taking one day at a time. You, are no doubt, a wonderful mother, and when your child looks up at you they absolutely adore you. I know it’s hard, as I also stress massively over placing what some may call unrealistic and unobtainable pressures upon myself and am full of self-critique, but try to let it slip away a bit. If you are uptight and stressed, as will they be. It’s like they know! And then they play up tenfold! I guess for me, the only thing that will and is allowing me to lessen the pressure upon myself is by realising it is the autism. Put the pressures and self-critiques into your ‘It’s my autism’ box, and if you can regularly re-stock on silence. On my days off from work, I top-up on my limited coping strength by spending time alone, in silence, reading these blogs. It’s like a confirmation therapy for me. Anyway, I;m doing that thing where I turn everything back onto me, but it is the only way I feel I can help, by sharing what I do, in these all too common circumstances xx

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    1. Thank you for kind comment and it has been rally helpful. I hear you with the time to yourself, I too need that to cope and reading helps a lot or whatever as long as I have a break as when I am socialising it takes all my energy to do the task. X

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