Day out to Tropical Birdland (Leicester)

Hey readers,

It was half term this week and and what better to have a family day out and go explore someone new. So, that is just what we did, we got recommendation from someone we knew about this place called Tropical Birdland in Leicester.

At the birdland you can go through the aviary section where you can freely walk around and see many different  variety of tropical birds. Some closed cages and other cages you can walk in and get up close to.





There is also other wildlife in the aviary area including owls and billy goats.






There is a specific pond section with different moi fish and ducks.




My boys loved being able to feed the birds and get to them close up and hear different calls that the birds made.

The avairey is set against beautiful, natural surrounds that are very calm and peaceful I found espeically being autisitic. There is also a woodland walkpath where the beautfiul woodland is there to greet you . You can freely walk around and explore if you desire. There is no time limit you can take as long as you want to explore with at the pressure of rushing around to take it all in.




Further down the line there is an open area where all sorts of parrots are out in the open. Some even mimic human language which amazed my sons. If your luckily some get really close and sit on your shoulders.

Of course to make my kids ecstatic was the wonderful wooden play area for all ages groups – with slides, swings and climbing frame to keep them amused while you have a sit down and a break.


I found the place really clean. The staff were really friendly and happy to assistant you and answer any questions you may have regarding birds.

There is an onside cafe and the food is really tasty. Alternatively there are many picnic tables and plenty of bins (which makes me very happy).








Regarding the cost for tickets I think it is really reasonable. You can see the prices below compared to other well know attractions and I feel it is worth the money for an excellent day out for kids and adults.


Defiantly a wonderful day out in the outdoors for any age really and really enjoyable experience.

Cheers for reading X


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