Today is the day

Hey readers,

I know I am like a recorder player keep coming back and discussing the same old topic. So I am really sorry if it is repetitive and boring. But I need to do something and I need to lose weight. TODAY IS THE DAY!!!!!

I don’t know why i get into these viscous cycles of binges. I need to focus, so where better then my blog to help keep a record of my ‘weightless journey’.

Argh…. so today I have eaten a cream egg (not so bad until the rest), 5 kit kat things and 500g Galaxy caramel washed down with full fat coke cola (330ml). I feel sick, hideous and ashamed. I did this when the husband was out and feel like  a sneaky snake. Because let’s face binge eating is sneaky and private.

Why do I do it? well from as young as 7 I turned to food for comfort, whether good or bad, I was there shuffling it in. Sadly, I now have piled on the pounds and I now the heaviest I have ever been.

I have lost weight so I know can do it, it is the change of behaviour and quitting the sugar.

To me sugar is like a drug and so very addictive. Once you start getting sugar, you just want more and more of the fucker. I want to quit it because I don’t enjoy it and it is merely but an enemy now, who I hate!

I struggle with willpower but hoping to use a goal such as lose x amount and I can buy something that i desperately want. If I don;t reach that goal I have to weight. What I am going to do is every pound I lose i put aside £1. When I have got the money for the desired object i can pay for it. My first thing that I want is some more emoji cards for my light box.


Wish me luck.

Today is the start:

Start weight – 14.11.5

goal weight 13.11.5

Here is a full shot of me and like most over weight people hate it!

cheers for reading X

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