My top five comfort foods

Hey readers,

Parenting can be stressful right. I won’t lie but food makes my tummy and me feel so good. So I have been thinking about what are my favourite types of.comfort food that j turn to when I am feeling low or having a shitty day.

1) It’s a classic simple but perfect in tummies. Fried eggs, baked beans and chips. This is so comforting and I had this Frequenter at my nanny. Who with out a shadow of doubt made the best home made chips ever, God bless her soul!

2) Whem it is grim amd cold outside nothing beats a pie with some veg poured over with graveyard. So warm, so filling and full of stodge. Perfect antidote for winter.

3) One meal that is served regular in my home that everyone eats is spaghetti bolognese. It is lovely with pasta (like you know the real carry stuff, shocking ;))  with that think tomatoey measly goodness. This is filling and full of flavour that gets a pick yes from me!

4) Home made chicken soup from gbe left overs off a Sunday is spot onmeal after a long day of Monday. It is so warming and taste so good. It definately can ease the Monday blues with this classic comforting fish.

5)Finally the classic roast is a great to dish out on a Sunday. Especially I’d toy have been out on the morning walking or whatecer. To come home to relax and unwise with the family is a great wayto.enjpy family time.

Cheers for reading X

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