My 5 Guilty Pleasures!

Hey readers,

Reading the love notes on the metro, there is something romantic about being old skool and writing to a newspaper about a stranger that took your fancy. Just reading the stories can brighten up your day on the bus.


I know this is going to sound  a bit strange but I have loved it since a child and that is eating milkshake powder without the milk. I don’t know why I like it, I think it might be due to the texture in my mouth.


I love picking scabs, again this goes back to sensory and me dealing with lots of information in my environment. It is fairly common characteristic in autistic people. I think when you are picking at something it acts as a form on distraction as you are totally  concentrating on the activity. Therefore, I am not having to deal with all the other anxieties going on in your head.

You know when you get to the point where you are desperate for a wee and finally get the chance to go to the toilet and  empty your bladder, simply that.


Singing along in all the different types of pitches to the song queen harmony rhapsody.


I secretly enjoy reading a bitchy argument on twitter. It is so hilarious because I swear some people totally forget that the whole world can see there open comments. It is very amusing watching the childish comments swinging back and forth.


I be honest I can’t help myself but read the daily fail and the absurd comments because it is so funny. It really does make you think who the hell are some of these people commenting on this bloody site.


I let you in to a little secret, I watch a bit of Loose Women, just for amusement really to see how many times the panel slate men and criticise women’s looks. The hypocrisy is unreal but you cant beat a bit of trash TV now and again can ya!


Cheers for reading X


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