Exciting Family Bucket List Ideas

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Everyone has their own individual bucket list of things to do before they die. Usually these include things from houses to cars for the big-ticket items and things like meals in new places for the small ticket items. Holidays are always on the cards for those who daydream, but when you have small kids it can be very difficult to save up for the big items on the list. Holidays you dream about can feel too far out of reach with little ones in the house, so you find yourself daydreaming about things you can do WITH your family and not just alone. Family bucket lists aren’t always heard of, but life goals for your family are something we all talk about on a very regular basis!

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We build castles in the sky for our children every day. We think about what we want for them and what experiences we would like to expose them to and we make mental plans about how we can achieve those things for them, and for ourselves really. The idea that we could take the children to far-flung places to gain a little culture is an exciting one!

  • You could take them skiing in the mountains in Canada so they can experience snow, understand the way our body works on skis.
  • You could take them to Europe, where you could be
  • photographing the Aurora Borealis  and explaining how the lights affect the world and where they come from.
  • You could take them to rural Australia to learn about the Aborigines and why it’s just so hot!
  • You could aim to go swimming with dolphins in America, while also having a trip to Disneyworld.
  • You could aim to visit every zoo in your country!

The family bucket list could be something you all decide on together, or it could be something that you want your family to achieve and you want to make it happen. Family goals don’t have to be expensive, at all. Maybe your family goal is to aim to eat a meal out together once a week. Perhaps you want to have a family goal of being happy. If one of the children is struggling to maintain good marks at school then as a family, you can think of new ways to help and achieve together. Working together as a family unit is the only way to be truly happy and if your life goal is happiness, then all that takes is loving each other and communicating – and that right there is free.


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Your family are the most important people you have in your life and by aiming high for everything, you can make sure that together you achieve great things. The bucket list never has to empty, when the whole family is on board to choose the things you want to do together. You can write all the ideas down and put into a bowl to draw on – this way, everyone gets a chance to choose what the next goal in life is!

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