My Favourite quotes

Hey readers,


Have you noticed how much people love a good old quote on social media and I am one of them people. So, here are my top five quotes to help me in life.



This has got to be my favourite quote as it is positive and all geared to self acelpting the the situation but also making the best of that situation. Taking the good and get rid of the negativity.




I know this is so Instagramable but so true, some of the best people ‘fake it’ until they get to the desired place that they want to be at. Also, a good point to add is not all you seen on the surface is the full story, which ironically again is pretty much most of Instagram ;)!



Sometimes when we try to help people it is simply not enough. There is only so much you can do and accepting that fact can help you move on. Because let’s face it the only control we have is ourselves. All we can do is be there for them and when the individual is ready then they will do it. I for one have been on both sides and can tell you it is so true.


I be honest I have spend many a time just sitting here doubting things and going through all the ‘what ifs’. But sometimes you just have to go forth and see what happens.  You have to start somewhere and no one is perfect so stop dwelling on the ideals and just go forth and conquer.


Totally agree with you Albert here! The best lessons or learning has been through mistakes. Past history has taught us that somethings have happened through stumbling on the product that was intentionally used for something else, such as penicilian.

Cheers for reading X

One thought on “My Favourite quotes

  1. Omg I love these!! I say at least two of these (in any combo) every day lol 😊

    High-fives! ❤️
    ~The Silent Wave Blog writer 👋🏼🌟

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