10 things I can not live without

Hey readers,


Today I am going about the things that I can not live without and help me keep my shit together.

Firstly, paracetamol because I suffer from frequent headaches (thanks mum) and they can be really crippling which is most inconvenient especially looking after children.


Heated blanket is the best invention ever, especially during the colder periods. Honestly, there is nothing better then getting into a  warm, cosy and snug bed.

Music can make you feel less alone. I mean I don’t get lonely in the traditional sense but to feel words and know someone else is also out in the world and feels the way you do can make you feel less isolated. Alternatively, I just love a good beat to wiggle around in the kitchen cooking tea.


My blog as it has saved me when I went through a depressing period and heartache. It saved my sanity and it really helped me to focus and forget about the other noise in my head.


YouTube I love you so much, albeit not as much nowadays (sodding adverts) but sill amazing the stuff you can find and great way to cure boredom.


Lip balm – particularly during the colder months, my lips get so dry and peely. I find Boots one really good as it also has a tinted moisture to it.

Tea makes my heart go boom, boom, boom. I can literally drink buckets of the stuff and it makes any problem manage with a cup of Rosie Lee in my hand.


Books are my saviour and help me escape. Nothing beats a good thriller to lose yourself in.


Pad and pen because I have so many ideas swirling in my head that I get so overwhelmed. Therefore,  writing down them ideas on paper helps me think clearer and identify with where I need to go and what I am doing.


Phone – I know third world problems but it is a lifesaver and such a useful tool. You can play music, send emails even write blog posts when your bored at the bus stop in the cold. I heart technology and no I am not ashamed about it but celebrate it 🙂


Cheers for reading X

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