Happiness is 

Hey readers,

There them moments in life that are so simple but make you so dame happy. it here is my list often but I could easily right endless amount.

  1. Having an early night and a real good sleep, making you feel or refreshed and ready to go in the morning.
  2. Kicking autumn leaves as you walk on by.
  3. When you have had a long day put of the home and you return in the evening with a lovely hot, fresh brew ♨
  4. When you find that quid in your pocket that you so desperately need.
  5. Having a hot bath and getting into fresh sheets 🛀
  6. When your husband lets you have a lie in.
  7. Not having to rush about in the morning, having a slow day.
  8. Not behaving mummy guilt and feeling confident about parenting.
  9. Having lots if ideas for your blog.
  10. Getting your nails painted perfect first time around.

Cheers for reading X



Today I decided change was here,

for once I felt liberated,

to let go of the past.

The time is now,

let’s evolve and go forth,

I can and I will,

I don’t need that extra help,

Keep being authentic,

if it is meant to be

it will be,

I am sick of worrying

about this and that,

things hold me back,

and it eats my motivation.

This is my turning point,

where I move forward,

and be the person I want to be.


Spring 2017 Wishlist

Hey readers,

The other day there was some sunshine shock horror and it made me thinking how I wish I had some sunglasses on me as it was so bright. So, it made me think of the seasons changing, specifically spring as it is just round the corner. I thought as I am skint I would just create a fantasy spring wishlist, enjoy!

1. I think there is something really feminine and flattering about a classic black jumper with a peter pan collar. I love the detail and it is great for informal and informal occasions. It is from Matalan and costs £16.00.

2. Asos Curve have this lovely neutral coloured and light weight coat perfect for the mix of weather in Spring time. It costs £65.00 but it is quite versatile so feel it could be worthwhile investment.

3. Next is a great bargain from Primark and costs a grand total of £4.00. To add a splash of colour to your wardrobe check this red and navy leopard print skater dress.

4. I can not get enough of clothing in dark green and this lovely t-shirt with rolled sleeved front pocket  comes form  Curves New Look – £17.99.

5. I can not stop eyeing up these lovely leopard print ballet shoes from Simply Be, which are great if you have wide feet like me – £10.00.

6.How beautiful are these lovely checked cigarette pants from Peacocks which are currently in the sale for £8.00, bargain!

Cheers for reading X

This is not a sponsored post, I just frigging love shopping but with no money it ends up being window shopping 😉 


Hey readers,
My word of the week is:

Because I got to see my son receive star of the week during assembly and he was beyond happy.  He was grinning like a Cheshire cat and it was lovely to see, especially after he has been waiting ages to receive it.  So, now it is up on display and he just loves looking at it and admiring his achievement.

Also, my eldest at the week end moved up a stage in swimming, which he is super happy about as his special friend moved up there pre-Christmas, therefore getting to be reunited again. So, now he can rejoin her and it helps him feel a bit more confident in the group as he knows a familiar face.

In other news I have been enjoying reading and being able to escape especially as this weather has been grime this week!

Hope you all had a good week.

Cheers for reading X

The Reading Residence