5 Ways To Keep Children Fit And Healthy



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Our reliance on technology has caused many of our kids to become couch potatoes. Combined with our love of junk food and a new sense of stranger danger, few of our children get the diet or exercise that they should be getting. Of course, as parents, we should be the ones installing a sense of health awareness into our offspring. Here are some ways that you can encourage your kids to stay fit and healthy and grow up to be active adults.

Walk/cycle to school

Taking a trip by car to school in the mornings might allow you to leave the house later, but could also be installing a sense of laziness into your children. Most of us live close enough to school that we can walk there, or at the very least cycle. Not only is this exercise for your children, but also exercise for you. When they’re old enough, they’ll then have no problem walking to school by themselves and won’t be constantly asking you for a lift.

Encourage them to join a sports club

The majority of children want to take part in some kind of sports activity whether it be football, swimming or dance. Sometimes funding these clubs can be an issue, but if your child is enthusiastic enough then you should definitely weigh up the cost with the positive effects it could have on them. For some activities such as rugby or martial arts, you may be afraid that your child could get hurt, but overprotecting them may be hurting them more. Most clubs are run by CRB-checked professionals who will let you sit in on a lesson (and if your child does get hurt, you can always pursue personal injury claims).

Fly a kite

For those windy days that your kids ordinarily spend locked up inside, why not encourage them to go out by buying a kite. This can be a great hobby at weekends to get out of the house if you haven’t got a dog to walk or purpose to leave the house. Kite-flying is very common in much of Asia, with most kids owning their own handmade kites. The Western world has mostly abandoned this, when really it’s a great activity to stop children being housebound.

Make your garden more kid-friendly

You may be wondering as to why your kids never go out into the garden, but perhaps there’s nothing out there for them to do. Adding a few kid friendly features could encourage them to play outside and let them burn off some energy. Features could include a trampoline, paddling pool, slide or football net. DIY-savvy parents could even consider building a treehouse!

Active holidays

An annual relaxing beach holiday might be the treat you need, but might not be doing your kids much good. One year, why not try something a little challenging? This could be a cycling trip, a hiking trip or even a ski holiday. Even a beach holiday in Spain can be made active by hiring a pedal boat for a day, playing games on the beach or racing each other in the pool.

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