Wibble wobble jelly 

Hey readers,

I was approached by Naturelly to do a review of there Naturelly jelly juice pouches.
Nautrelly jelly pouches are a refreshing snack made with real fruit juice and natural jelly from lily plants.

It is free from gelatin. gluten, wheat, dairy and other allergies so great for a whole host of diets. There is no added sugar or sweetener and is 36 kcal per pouch. No artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives. The good news is each pouch only consists of 7g of sugar (1.5 tspoons).

The jelly pouches come in three different flavours; apple & blackcurrant, tropical fruits and summer fruits. You can buy the pouches from Boots, Wholefoods Markets, Holland & Barratt, Amazon and Ocado.

The jelly pouches are school approved, vegetarian society approved and made in Britain.

Testing out the product myself I found the taste really good and not artificial in anyway. My youngest son really enjoyed having the pouch after nursery and was a great refreshing alternative snack.

You could tell that the fruit jelly pouches were made form natural ingredients, as the colour of the jelly itself was not illuminating, which is always a good sign. I thought the flavour was not too strong nor mild so this could not discourage my son from trying the jelly. My son  really liked the fun and colourful design of the pouches. There is something fun for a child to have a snack in pouch, such a novelty which therefore encourages him to eat the jelly.

The lid on the pouch was not easy to chock on so as a parent I could feel safe about that.

They are also a handy size to put in your bag if your travelling or as part a picnic on a day out.

I have a real problem with my son to get him to drink, so giving him a fruit pouch is a perfect way to keep him hydrated especially after school when he so tired.

Overall, super product and it is brilliant for an alternative snack to keep your child excited. As a parent knowing there is natural fruit and low in sugar gives me that peace of mind.

If you want to find out more information you can find it here Naturally Jelly.

Cheers for reading X

Disclaimer: I was given some pouches to test out in exchange for a review. All opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own.

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