How to stay connected to loved ones via technology.

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Sometimes as a family life can get busy, just take this month for example, it is fast approaching Christmas and we find ourselves getting fully booked in our diaries with social dates for children, birthdays, shopping etc. Time can become limited and myself and husband may not always have the time to talk as a couple. During the busy periods in our lives we don’t get much change to speak to one enough as we are rushing around to get presents/cards for Christmas along with all the other normal stuff you do that eats away at your time. Sometimes, I don’t always see my partner for the day and I may have a child with me who starts missing there daddy or vice versa. That is why technology is really handy to stay in touch and help comfort my child. I and my husband phone each other to see how we are and what is happening.

We also used video message therefore enabling some form of visual contact for my son and it almost feels like they are physically there. This makes my son happy because he can see his daddy and say hello. It also gives my son time to talk to his daddy and discuss what has been happening with his day. I find this really good especially if he is tired and needs something to help him stay calm by giving him the ressurance of what is happening.

Other times, myself and my husband will use picture messages to send to one other so we don’t miss out on what is happening and the fun things we have seen that day. An example of this would be one day I was out in the shop with my youngest son and he saw a massive singing Santa. Obviously, he had to press the button to get the Santa to sing and he joined in with the dancing santa. I captured this on video and sent it to hubby. He got to experience that moment too and it allowed him something to talk to my son about that day.

A different tip I have found with using technology to help stay connected with my loved ones is to have a special time at the weekend where we get together for some quality time. We make a reminder on our phone so we won’t forget. We get out a game or go to the park and spend some quality time together as a family without rushing around and not fully being mindful of one another.

Other times if hubby is not around for x amount of time, I make time to ring him so we can catch up and see what is happening.

Phones can be a hinder at times but other times they can be a real useful tool. They help connet with people when they are not around. That does not mean to say you always need to use a phone  as there are other ways t0 commiunicate with. There is so much choice ranging from Skype, Google Hangout, Nucleus (a video home intercom system),  Facebook and other social media platforms to name put a few.

With online technology I find using  a online diary for the family so me and hubby can keep on track with appointments. So, for example if I am not around and needs to make an arrangement he can see what is happening in the online diary and work out a time thsat suits us as a family.

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4 thoughts on “How to stay connected to loved ones via technology.

  1. We live far away from all our family and friends and rely on FaceTime to keep in contact with people, it is great to still be able to see people x #MMBC

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  2. My parents only live around the corner but they are on holiday for at least 4 months of the year so we rely heavily on technology during those times. Skpe is our favourite method of staying in touch, they love speaking with the children on the ipad, and my kids think it’s amazing that their grandparents are on the screen! #MMBC

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