5 Minute Fun website (Review)

Hey readers,

Sometimes there is so much pressure to be constant and be an ‘entertainer’ to our children. But let’s face unless your superwoman or have the funds for a cleaner, we haven’t always got this magical stuff called time.

I was asked to review and test out a website called 5 Minute Fun, it is an extensive if you like from Cbeebies. It gives fab ideas of fun or educational activities to do with little ones all under five minutes and free to access. You can also sign up to the site to get regular newsletters of new ideas.
The website is really clear and easy to navigate around. The subsections and can easy locate something that appeals to you.
Some examples of activities you can do with your little one is discuss your child’s friends favourite toy or if your crafty make toilet roll monsters. I like the simple ideas such as drawing faces on leaves. They don’t require a lot of material and hassle free.
I do find some activities are a bit more complex and I don’t always have the ability myself to do them task. That said there is a host of ideas from easy to difficult and you can decide.
It gives you inspiration and for me I like the fact that there is videos accompanying the tasks so gives me a better understanding of what to do.
I find it a really good educational tool for parents and even for people working in young children’s setting.
I chose to do circle drawing with my five year old son as it was easy to follow and my son enjoys doodling.

 Here is a step-to-step guide to circle drawing

1. Get any round type objects. I used cellotape, washi tape, lid of a bottle, money pig lid. Everyday objects I had in my home. Blank paper and colour pens.


video on website giving you a visual idea to understand.

2. Simple use all the different objects one at a time, make patterns with your child. If they struggle to hold or co-ordinate just assist with holding the object so they can draw around.

3. Then get your colour pens fill it in with colour or some random shapes/doddles.


4. Hey presto you have a funky circle design.

img_5610 This is a great activity to do with your child, you can be creative, work as a team and have special time doing something fun. Plus it is so simple and effective to do.

Cheers for reading X

I was asked to write a review for 5 minute fun website but all reviews expressed are my own.  

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