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This is because my eldest has been practing all his new songs and singing ecerynight. He has a Christmas perfomance next week and is really uthesatic about it. He is super excited to be performing so I have spend a lot of my evenings hearing him singing away at a very high pitch 😉

In other news, we got our tree up and that was fun decorating it with the boys. Although, shhh, me and hubby later in the evening re-arranged the decorations or else it would look somewhat uneven. Which is fine but at top looks so bare, haha!

I have also nearly done all the christmas present shopping, whoop. We need to get the main present which is a doll’s house from Asda. Which I am super excited as hubby finally caved ina dn we are going to be getting it. It is massive but luckily we have found a suitable for it to live.

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10 thoughts on “Singing

  1. Hope your little boys concert goes well, I love listening to children sing. We have bought Daisy a dolls house from Asda, dreading putting it together on Christmas eve. #WotW

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  2. I can just imagine all the singing. Glad he is looking forward to it. I’m pretty sure there are a few parents that wait till after bedtime to rearrange the tree. I have a friend who would move all the homemade decs to the back and create her own display at the front of the tree, once her two had gone to bed. #wotw

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  3. Hope all went well with your eldest’s performance – so lovely to hear little ones singing! We’ve not yet got our tree up but I can imagine I’ll end up doing some rearranging too 🙂 #WotW

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