Chalking About (review)

Hey readers,

I was recently asked to review Chalkola chalk pens. Chalk Markers is a small family business that focus of providing fun and a variety of chalk pens. They are the best selling chalk pen on Amazon in America.

I have got two packs – party pen markers with a 6mm  bullet tip. The colours of the pens are vibrant and fun. The other pens are earthy and lighter in colour with a 5.5mm bullet tip.


The chalk pens are a funky way of decorating an area. The pens can be used on a variety of services such as whiteboards, windows, jars (Chalkola also do specific chalkboard labels  for mason jars as well), menus in cafes, windows etc.

The chalk pens can also be used as a way to celebrate occasions such as mothers day, Halloween, Christmas, Easter, wedding etc.

The chalk pens are non-toxic and water based making it really easy to clean off a service with wet kitchen paper. The pens are also quick drying so making it really quick and easy to use.

If you have children then they can be used from three years old and are a fun way to be creative with them. What I like is the fact that they are easier then traditional chalk and you don’t have to the hassle of cleaning up the chalk dust that goes everywhere. The pens are child friendly and can be washed off clothing.The pens themselves are easy to wash off your hands.


Testing out the product myself I found them they were really easy to use. They have a good grip, however you can not put the lid on top of the pens and leave it there as they do not securely fit. This is a tat frustration but nothing that you can not deal with.

I really liked the fun design of the party chalk pens with the spots on them. My husband really liked the earthy pens with the circuit board style design at the end of the pen. For me who gets confused and mixes things up a lot the different design of pen is easy way to identify so you know which pens go with the style.



When writing with the pens they have a nice flow of chalk and I found them really smooth to write with.

Overall, I can’t really fault the pens, there fab for writing with, easy to clean and fun way to get creative with kids or adults. Definitely recommend this product to friends and family.

Husband’s piece of art with the chalk pens on a plate.

What is better is when you can give the pens to your husband to play with and piece and quite for five minutes.

I have a 20% flat discount on all Chalkola products. All you need is this coupon code:


Cheers for reading X

I was given this product inexchange for a review. All opinions exchanged are honest and my own. 

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