Hey readers,

My word of the week is:

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because I just seem to have extra ideas/thoughts buzzing away, sods law being though I never have any paper or pen when I desperately need to write it down. Since being a mother  it takes a lot of energy and brain power to function therefore by the time I come back to the abandoned thoughts they vanish, doh!

In other news, I received a letter from my son’s school about a naivety play that my son will be taking part in. He has been choose to play snowman and it is called Oopsie Daisy Fairy and to be honest as atheist glad to not have religion throw upon him. This is his first performance at school so, should be interesting to see how he gets on with it all. Even better news for me the school provides the outfit, *punches fist in the air*.

Parents can also come along each week to the family assembly. Husband and I  attended the first one last Friday. So adorable when they all the children walk in with the ‘ssss’ finger on the lips to indicate to be quite when walking to assembly. So proud to see my boy with a MASSIVE star for being helpful that week.To be honest he has always been like that.When he was younger he wasn’t that interested in toys in the traditional manner, always wanted to mimic an adult. Hence why it does not surprise me at all him being helpful and being the first to help. To be fair he is a real good helper and it is one way in which I can communicate better with him is when we are working together in completing something.

Hope you too have had a good week.

Thanks for reading X

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12 thoughts on “Ideas

  1. How lovely your little boy is so helpful. You will love the school play, remember to take a tissue with you because even if it’s funny it will still make you cry. 🙂

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  2. Ahh! Ideas are great. I hope you get to get them written down in future….
    My girls school is a church of England school and there is religion in it but year I am really surprised that they are doing an African version of Cinderella? I don’t even know what that consists of. lol

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  3. It’s great that you’re buzzing with ideas sometimes it’s just finding the time to put them into action which is the challenge! Yes, write them down and capture them all…you never know, one of them could make you your fortune! hehe!!
    We have our school play this week and my boy is excited too, hope the Snowman performance went well

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