Hidden Darkness

Hey readers,

I wrote this poem when I was deep within clinical depression in 2009 and really struggling with life. I was scared and suicidal. It was a dark place, the only thing that helped was sleep and words.

The fear feels real,

you are lost in the dark hole,

all alone and totally isolated,

everything is numb,

yet feeling so much,

my outlook is gloomy,

feel like I am drowning,

deep within me,

I am the enemy,

screaming at me,

I hate myself,

yet I can’t shake it off.

I fear I am trapped in this melancholia,

where all my senses are dampened,

with no outlook,

other then the dark days,

that lay ahead.

I have to fight,

my mind and motivation,

my heart is so heavy,

no wonder I ache,

maybe one day,

brightness will make an appearance.

Cheers for reading X

Prose for Thought

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