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My word of the week is 

Because it has been full of festivity and full of feasts. I have indulgenced in chocolate, cake, sweets and rich food. It has been lovely to let go and just relax the best I can.  
The boys loved having the special treat of having chocolate for breakfast on Christmas day, if you can’t do it at Christmas when can you do it.

The boys have loved playing with their new toys and we have piles of toys nd having them everywhere. I be honest I am not every good at things not in order but trying to let it pass as it is Christmas. 

So basically Christmas is all about disruption and letting the routines go out of the Weekend. But it has been nice to catch something decent on the telly for once. Loving outnumbered. Though, slightly weird seeing the children all grown up.

Happy new year to you all.

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Depend On These Diagnostic Tools To Save You From Panic When Your Child Gets Ill

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As a parent, there are many health concerns you have to be aware of. It’s bad enough keeping track of our health, let alone having to keep an eye on the little ones too. Keeping children fit and healthy isn’t easy. They sometimes have difficulty explaining what they’re feeling. When they do manage to express the sensation, it’s hard to know what could be causing it. Many bugs and ailments aren’t serious. You don’t want to rush your kid to the doctors every five minutes. Even so, knowing what the problem is will help put your mind at ease. Familiarize yourself with these diagnostic tools. You’ll be diagnosing like a professional in no time.


Every family library should include some health books. These can be lifesavers when it comes to diagnosis. If nothing else, invest in a health bible. With this, you’ll be able to diagnose just about anything. These books are excellent because they help you stay calm. They list ailments in a calm and clinical manner, which doesn’t leave room for hysteria. After a while, you’ll be able to diagnose without having to look! These books will help you and your partner, as well as the kids. It’s worth the investment.

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The internet is full of information about health ailments. All you have to do is type the symptoms into a search engine,  and you’ll have pages of suggestions. The internet saves you having to piece together the puzzle of symptoms. It can take you to ailments where all mentioned symptoms are relevant. It does have its downsides, though. Internet diagnosis can often lead to hysteria. Bear in mind that internet diagnosis often goes to the most dramatic conclusion possible. Most pages will end with the words ‘seek medical help immediately’. Of course, sometimes that’s necessary. For the most part, though, it won’t be. You know your children. Keep your head about you and consider how serious you think the situation is. Bear in mind, too, that anyone can put information on the internet. Just because it’s on a website doesn’t mean it’s true. As well as search engines, there are other online resources you could try.

Companies like Babylon allow you to talk live to a doctor. The doctor won’t be able to see your child, but they can diagnose from your explanation of the symptoms. This can be an excellent route to take if you can’t book an appointment, or don’t think you need one.


If all else fails, or if your diagnosis has made you more worried, book your child an appointment. Nothing quite beats the reassurance of hearing a doctor say everything is fine. Use your logic and try not to get dramatic with your diagnosis. If your child has a cold, there’s nothing a doctor can do for them. The more ailments you see, the better you’ll get at knowing when something is serious. Either way, a doctor isn’t going to judge you for worrying!

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Depression is…

Hey readers,

Here is some of the ways that depression affects me:



  1. Feeling too much.
  2. Feeling nothing but flatness.
  3. Crying over kindness.
  4. Hating oneself so much.
  5. Wanting desperately to vanish.
  6. Hiding from it all.
  7. Lying in bed all day and not got the energy to move.
  8. Looking at the walls and losing track of time.
  9. Being in a crowded room and feeling so alone.
  10. Emptiness.
  11. Angry at everything.
  12. Feeling stuck.
  13. Recalling memories.
  14. Doubting everything.
  15. Reflecting everything.
  16. Wanting to sleep forever.
  17. Hating your spouse because they can just get up and go.
  18. Denying it all.
  19. Jealousy.
  20. Laughing so hard your neurotic.
  21. Moving from one extreme to the next.
  22. Obsessing about the what if’s.
  23. Isolating.
  24. Alone.
  25. Hopelessness.
  26. Despair.
  27. Fatigued.
  28. Insomniac.
  29. Loss.
  30. No desire for anything.

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Liked and loved December

Hey readers,

This month has been fun with the lead up to Christmas and there has been lots of things to enjoy.

I have enjoyed not doing the school runs and the break from all the information/letters. Trying to remember all these things is hard so it has been lovely to have a step back and have a much needed rest.

I have enjoyed Christmas and self indulging. I have loved eating some lovely food and appreciate the fact I ma in a position where we can afford food and are safe. Especially around Christmas time you forget sometimes that other people may not be so fortunate.

We enjoyed visiting Santa and watching the magic of Father Christmas.


I have enjoyed treating myself to some books in the sales that I have wanted for a while but been blessed with some money to buy them.

I have enjoyed the fog and darker nights getting cosy.


Cheers for reading X

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I hate periods, FACT!!!

Hey readers


You can never bitch enough about periods as a women (probably men love good bitch about how it impacts them too I imagine). I think my hubby is a bit sick of me mentioning the cruel fate that us women have to go through each month.

So, that is what a blog is good for a bitch and hell I am in the mood to rib mother natures head off!

Why do I hate periods, let me give you my reasons:

It is a bloody mess for a start. Sometimes you wake in the middle of the night and there is blood absolutely everywhere. It can come on unexpectedly as my periods are always late now since having children so can never probably time it.

The pain is excruciating and ever since I have had children my lower back pain is a killer every few days of the month. I have really pain in my abdominal and can interfere with getting things during the day.

I suffer every single month with a horrific migraine because of my period and the changes in hormone. I literally can not function probably as my vision gets blurred and feeling sick.

Having to cope with the spectrum of emotions, it is not just crying and then happy it is all the milder emotions in between suck has feeling fed up and emptiness.

It cost money for the products each move and you need extra space to store them.

The day before my period I am so bloated and feel six months pregnant.


The first day of my period I am exhausted and just finding it difficult to get motivated and to find that get go.



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Rhyming with Wine


Hey readers,

Obviously my word of the week is:


Image result for happy christmas word art

I can’t believe it is only two more sleeps until the big day. This week we have rang Santa on the old tablet, visited Santa and went on a sleigh ride and decorated some cards to get the boys in the festive mood.

It also is half term and it has been mental, toys everywhere and a lot of, ‘play nicely’ or ‘gently’ or simple, ‘mummmmmmmmy’. But it has been lovely to watch the boys play together most of the time nicely and on their own a large amount of time in their bedroom. I suspect that they are probably planning on taking over the world.

I have finally done all the sodding Christmas wrapping, what a pain in the arse it is. Maybe because I feel like I need to get it or want it all sorted so I can relax because nothing I hate worse is rushing around like a headless chicken.

I just want to wish you a very merry Christmas, whatever happens I hope it is not too manic but enjoyable too.

Cheers for reading X

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Why, why, why?

Hey readers,

I am sitting here by myself because it is half term and my eldest has been a terror to put it politely. Sometimes I end of the day feeling so frustrated that I just wished to be let free in a room full of China. I am not sure how I am going to cope through the two weeks without the break, I am sure we get through it but at the beginning of the holiday I dread it.

Why is it I try my  bestest to do something with the sprog and then all he does is pushes mine and hubby’s buttons. It fucks me off, I try and it results in fights and mayhem. He encourages the youngest to throw pens and then the youngest gets boisterous and rips the paper. Then pulls of as many Christmas decorations as possible from the Christmas tree on purpose and the eldest thinks the most hilarious thing to do is pull his trousers and pants down, he is laughing his head off and no one is laughing, fml!

Today just feels like my eldest is in a destructive mood and will go out his way to be a pain in the arse. No matter how much time I give him or get things to do, he is having none of it. I don’t know whether he is not getting warn out like the days he is at school where he can get over stimulated. Almost like an uneven balance of stimulation. Right now I am so pissed off with it all. I am pissed of with myself for getting so emotional about such stuff. I know it is a cliche but you do the worst thing and compare yourself to all the perfect parents on the internet. Why can’t my children be so chilled like other people’s children without turning it into a scene and making me feel totally deflated and a crap parent.

I am sat here writing this close to tears with rage. I have come on adult time out if you will because if I don’t then I will literally blow my top off. Seriously, today I am just struggling with parenting and knowing where to reach that balance. It doesn’t matter how many threats or putting on time out, my son is in that ‘mood’ where he is just not playing ball.
This may make me sound an awful parent but that the thoughts that cross my mind is why do I bother with all this stress when I maybe as well not bother. It could so simpler for me to not care, not to be engaging and just stick the TV on 24/7 and be done with it.  At least I wouldn’t have to deal with the challenging behaviour.

All I can say is some days being a parent is shit, I know awful but true. I am not perfect and sometimes dread it and can’t wake till the end of the day when I have break and my brain gets given a change to think about anything.

Cheers for reading X

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The things you say as a parent

Hey readers,

Pre children I made a conscious vow not to say certain catch phases or be a certain type of mum.

Bur moving forward in time to me being a mummy I can’t help but say certain sentences, several times a day.

  1. Please be nice to each other.
  2. Please be quite, mummy is trying to talk. 
  3. Its not the end of the world.
  4. You should be lucky not living in Africa or whatever equally depressing place inspires you to try to make the little sods eat their dinner.
  5. If you don’t do X then I am going tell your daddy and you are going to be in serious trouble.
  6. Go and play with your toys and give mummy sone head space. 
  7. What was his poo like, soft/wet)firm etc 💩 
  8. Put your willy away no one wants to see it.
  9. When I was your age I….. 
  10. Because I said so, end of!

Cheers for reading X

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