Frugal Kids Christmas Activities

Hey readers,

Can’t quite believe we are now in December and I still  feel quite complexed that Christmas  is not far away now and how the heck I am going to get through the festive period financially. So I have drawn up some ideas of some activities that I can do that are cheap and cheerful.

Write letter to Santa – all you need to do is get your little darlings to write a letter to Santa (Here is the address). Use this address and send it by 8th December. Then you are guaranteed to get a free letter back from Santa. How cute eh and the only cost is paper/second class post.

On Christmas Eve you can track Santa in the sky, download the app and play fun interactive games. Great fun to watch and spy  Santa and his movements. You can find out more here NORAD.

Alternatively, you could go visit Santa at his grotto. Bear in mind you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to visit Santa’s grotto as most shopping centres provide free ones, result!

I thought this would be a  bit of fun and a personal touch with this wonderful colour in Christmas table cloth for my boys. They love knowing the fact they have done something and being on display. Such a cool and simple Christmas activity, plus it cost me 99p form good old Home Bargains.



Another wonderful free activity to do with your little ‘uns, is a personlised Santa video on your electronical devices. I did this last year with the boys and particularly my eldest loved it.

A free outdoor activity to do as a family is walk around your local area and see all the wonderful decorations that are on display.

As a family you could make a night together to decorate the tree.

A cosy idea is to snuggle down on a grim day and watch a Christmas DVD. I’ll be honest, one of my favourites is Father Christmas, even after all these years, it’s still blooming good 😉

Image result for father christmas raymond briggs

I be honest with you, last year I did attempt to make a ginger bread house with two boys. It was chaotic and stressful. This year I am going to be different and take the more easy/relaxed approach with making some ginger bread men. No point in getting so stressed that it is not fun and more of a chore.

One of the best things I love is reading books and what better way then to celebrate the festive season with a Christmas book. I love this one adapted to where I live as the boys love spotting the landmarks and it feels a bit more real.


I hope this has helped make you feel festive.


Cheers for reading X


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