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The State Of Nature Report 2016 reveals that the UK is one of the most nature-depleted countries in the world, with the greatest threats being agricultural and climate change.

Some of the areas affecting wildlife are woodland, coastal, urban and farmland. This is having huge impacts on wildlife. Though there are lots of interventions locally and nationally to protect and improve habitats and creatures. I am going to give some of my suggestions in ways that I think are great to help our wildlife in the UK.  Small changes make big impacts. Not only will you benefit from doing something positive but also it is really valuable service to provide and help protect wildlife.

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volunteer – there is a wide range of roles to help give something to protect wildlife. Some examples in ways in which you can help locally are; dry walling, looking after nature reserve, running a wildlife watch groups to name but a few.

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Recycling can help protect animals.Making sure items such as plastic are recycled in  the correct manner.  Also trying to recycle your items where possible can really help reduce the impact on the environment.

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reduction in herbicide and pesticides can help wildlife, it takes a long time for these chemicals to disperse. It can effect soil therefore impacting what animals eat and implications for the food chain. Chemicals have been found to effect the growth of plants or vegetables with less risk of negatively making a wildlife ill.

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Slow down when driving as some animals have no choice but to cross the road as they have to find food.If you reduce your speed then it allows you to stop in time if the animal decides to dart in front of the road.

Litter can be a big problem for animals. Be mindful if you do have rubbish to tidy it up after you, Don’t chuck stuff out of the window, as plastic can cause chocking if the animal decides to eat it. If there is broken glass from a bottle left on the pavement for example this could harm animals by cutting there paws.

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Don’t feed wild animals as they can become dependant on humans for food and may not get the correct nutrients needed for their diet. This could lead the wild animals in getting health problems as a direct repose of it. If wild animals become fearless of humans there is potential that other humans will be fearful and want to cause harm because they see them as a thread with being feral.

Eco Holidays is alternative way to enjoy a holiday. Wild Days provide conservation holidays with a purpose. You can work  and learn alongside nature expects. It gives you change to meet other like-minded people. The holidays are based in the UK.


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I have written this post about how to help save wildlife and for a change to win the competition to win a UK wildlife conservation holiday with Wild Days.

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18 thoughts on “Help Save Wildlife

  1. This is a great set of advice as to how we can look after the beautiful nature that surrounds us in this country. It would be useful as a list to talk to my kids about why they shouldn’t throw their rubbish on the ground and things like that. Although luckily my son is already obsessed with recycling for some reason. I hope you win the competition! Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday.

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  2. Good post lovely. One of my biggest hurts is to see animals lying squished on the roads. It upsets me every time no matter how small the creature is and my pet peeve is litter. REALLY makes me angry that one does. X

    Liked by 1 person

  3. great tips and I think too often we just forget about things like driving and feeding. Litter though is a definite no no. and just reading the reply above – people who scoop the poop then dump it all – really?! like why bother??! winds me up no end #KCACOLS

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  4. Well done on posting this! I live in Australia and we went to Tasmania last January, it was so sad to see how many Tasmanian Devils are left now (despite their name they are super cute), we are so close to loosing them and so many other animals it is so sad, we all need to do what we can! #KCACOLS

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