Hey readers,

My word of the week is :

This is because this weather we have been experiencing recently has been wet and dame right miserable.

I hate leaving the house when it is bitterly cold but still I have to do the school run, boo. I  look like a drowned rat, I am so cold after getting drenched in the wet.

It has dampened my mood, I feel a bit meh, maybe because it time of the month to boot.

Right now, I have no motivation, other then to snuggle down in a blanket and close all the blinds and forget about the world.

One thing I do love when it is so grim outside is comfort food. We have a pork joint and I am overly excited about that being cooked in the oven. I can’t wait to have gravy and mash. To me that is the ultimate in home comforts. Well and fluffy socks is the second winner.

Cheers for reading X

The Readinghttps://mummyhereandthere.co.uk/2016/11/25/wet/ Residence

14 thoughts on “Wet

  1. I’ve felt the same about the school run lately it’s so dull, wet and miserable. A little bit of comfort food makes you feel so much better I agree. #WotW

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