You know your an introvert when 

Hey readers,

I am a fully fletched introvert. Let me tell you some ways it affects me personally.

  1. I have low self-esteem and therefore effects my confidence to talk to people.
  2. People scare me.
  3. I Feeling powerless and less of a person.
  4. I perfer the company of animals then humans. It is simpler and less confusing.
  5. Small talk is such a ball ache and really hard work.
  6. I feel so alone in a crowd and typically go home and cry my eyes out, feeling inadequate. Definately feel an outside. 
  7. I am a very sensitive individual who feels deeply.
  8. Get very distracted easy and find it hard to concentrate.
  9. If I am being sociable for long periods I need shut down time. I feel afterwards totally wiped out from exhaustion.
  10. I avoid any shows involving participation. I can’t stand spontaneous and being caught on the spot to speak.

Cheers for reading X

Diary of an imperfect mum

10 thoughts on “You know your an introvert when 

  1. Hello.
    I think of introverts as people who energise through spending time alone and extroverts as people who energise through spending time with others. A lot of us will fit either of those descriptions at different times and situations but most can identify which side of the introvert/extrovert fence they sit on. I don’t think it’s a case of one is better/worse than the other.
    There’s definitley some pluses to being introverted. More comfortable in your own company. More abe to think through problems by yourself. Not needing to talk every thing through with others. ….etc
    I’m sorry that you feel scared and powerless when you are with others. I hope you have some caring and understanding people in your life who understand. Thanks for such an honest post.

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  2. It was interesting to see how many parrallels there are between being introverted and having autism as my autistic son has a lot of the same issues. Thank you for linking up to #ablogginggoodtime

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