Christmas Stocking Fillers For Kids For Under £5

Hey readers,

It is fast approaching CHRISTMAS, so I thought I would compile a list of Christmas stocking filler gifts for children. All this items are less then £5, as me loves a good bargain.

  1. Lovely slippers with a rocket design from Primark (£3). Got to have something practical in the stocking.
  2. Next item is a lovely bit of yukky messy play in the form of putty. Split pot of two vibrant colours from Poundworld (£1).
  3.  A Trolls stickers with scenes book, something fun to do on Christmas day or Boxing day when everyone is bored and scared of the sales. From The Works (£1.50).
  4. If putty is not your thing then check at colourful sand pots, a great way to  get five minutes peace and that the kids will enjoy. From Poundland (£1).
  5. A traditional choice but with a twist, chocolate coins in Santa and Snowmen themed. From Superdrug  (70p or there is an offer for 2 for £1).
  6. How cute are there Unicorn nail stickers from John Lewis (£2.50) for something different.

Hope this has inspired you.

Cheers for reading X

Run Jump Scrap!

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