Hey readers,
My word of the week is:

Because the last week my son has been poorly which effects normal life and routine that we have established when both boys at school/nursery.  My youngest started with sickness and then high temp of 40. We give him calpol, but then, on Sunday he developed a really bad rash. So we tried going swimming because sometimes he has sensitive skin and it might be getting hot over night. But then  over the morning just got worse and moved in more areas across the body. So, we took him to the walk-in-centre and was confirmed he had swallow grands and a chest infection. So then we had to give him some antibiotics. That has been a really nightmare trying to administer bitter tasting medication down a child’s mouth. Furthermore, he could not eat one hour and then two hours after, absolute nightmare. On a more positive note it is lovely to see him getting his bouncy personality back. As the last few days he has been really cuddly and sleepy. Which is so unusual to see.

He has also been off nursery and each day asks to go to nursery. He is so gutted that he can’t go and play with his key worker. We are planning to put him back in on Monday and he is going to be so happy about that.

Cheers for reading X

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