Anti- Homework

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One of the things that pisses me off about school is sending children home with homework. Firstly, I believe we should stop homework because kids have a long day at school learning, why then come home to do even more work. Let’s give children a break and allow them to play and let them wind down. I think if the child has to constantly be meeting deadlines to get work completed then it could  lead to lose of enthusiasm to learn. I know that people are more willing to learn when they are less under pressure.There is the risk of cheating by copying each others work in order to get the work done.Therefore getting rewarded for false work which really doesn’t help anyone in the long term.

How much arguments are meet through parents having to deal with an additional responsibility of getting the kids motivated to complete their work. There is not enough time in the evening and it can cause potential fiction between child and parent.Homework reduces the amount of family time spend together, it is important to have quality time with the family and to socialise.

A different reason for being against homework is that the child for a large. portion of the school day is sedentary. So, to come home and then be made to sit down for even more time is not really good when instead they could be having fun and doing some physical exercise.

There is no real link that homework increases learning or grades*. Causing unnecessary pressure and frustration for child and parent. There is no real cleat link to say that homework increases the chances of a child gaining better grades.

My child is exhausted form coming home from school as he uses all his energy to learn, concentrate and listen to instructions. To then try to get him to complete his homework is pretty pointless. He is halfhearted and not really concentrating because of being so tired. I feel it is important that when he is at home that there is that time to relax. So, there is a clear and definite break from education. Children need to have time to wind down and relax. It helps them sleep and not be overactive with keeping their brain wired for long periods. Not to mention the fact that if they are more calmer in the evening they will sleep better and feeling fresh in the morning to be more motivated to work on the education at school.

I am all about learning but I think there should be a balance between learn and play. I think with homework included in the mix of a school day it is unevenly balanced. I don’t really feel it is healthy nor necessarily to include homework in the curriculum. Sometimes you get the feeling that it is more about meeting targets then the actually child’s development and health.

Cheers for reading X

*”What research says about the value of homework: Research review.” The Center for Public Education, web. 17th February 2007.


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12 thoughts on “Anti- Homework

  1. We literally sat in school yesterday discussing this because our son has massive problems with homework. School is school and he struggles to get through the school day as it is but home is home. It’s his sanctuary and we have had meltdown after meltdown. Last week the teacher reminded him to take his homework with him and he had a full meltdown and had to be retrained, kicking both the teachers who were restraining him. That was it for us. We told the school that it’s detrimental to his mental health and he won’t be doing anymore at home. To be fair, they were fine with it and said he can do his at school during assembly time because he doesn’t go into assembly.
    Good post, Lovely X

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    1. wow, that is amazing supportive from your school. Fair play, I don’t blame you. My son is likely to be on the spectrum and every day we have a major meltdown and this isn’t anything to do with homework. So can identify, luckily he loves to do write and stuff for fun anyway so it kind of balances out at the moment. But your so write about being detrimental on their mental health X

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  2. I totally agree. As teens then I can understand it a bit more but when they are small it just adds so much unnecessarily pressure. My son’s nursery sends him home with homework once every couple of weeks, he only just turned two. It makes my life so much harder making sure I have found time out of our time together to get it down, (this week it was go for a walk, pick leaves and make a picture with them, it took nearly 2 hours!)

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  3. I couldn’t agree with you more! I had a parent teacher conference recently and my son’s teacher told me she doesn’t assign a lot of homework for several of the reasons you listed above. I’m relieved because in second grade he was so loaded down with homework it blew my mind.

    Awesome post! #EffitFriday

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  4. Completely agree, I did read a teacher who’s only homework was anything not finished at school so everyone started the days and lessons on the same page I liked that. We are given little bits of half hearted homework for my preschool son, visit and talk about healthy food, colouring, reading with him which I don’t mind.

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