10 insta cliches

Hey readers,

Ever wondered if your hip in the old Instagram world, well I am going explore them stereotypes. Why? because Monday night telly is shite and what better way then to kill some time πŸ˜‰

I will confession that I am guilty of doing a few, it is addictive to get sucked in to all the fake perfection la de da. However, I much prefer taking pictures of trees (I mean an unhealthy obsession).

  1. Got to have a mug with the letter of your name on.
  2. During spring time you have to have a shot of your child running though lavender fields.Image result for lavender field kids
  3. A snap of of a Starbucks/Costa cup in your hand particurly during festive times.There are 12 paper red cup designs and one for a Frappuccino cup, which all have been submitted by customers, for the 2016 batch of Starbucks red cups. The cups released in shops today all over the world
  4. A shot of your new phone, side view and the box.Image result for NEW IPHONE package
  5. Picture of you walking through fallen leaves on the floor.Image result for shoes leaves
  6. A selfie in front of a long mirror showing you holding your phone in one arm.Image result for selfie mirror
  7. A cup of coffee in bed with the caption, ‘morning’.Image result for coffee in bed
  8. A picture of a coffee cup, pad/pen, and laptop to show your some sort of sophisticated intellectual.Image result for ipad coffee pad
  9. Picture of the bloody floor tiles and can I just say I myself tried to do arty shots but so shite at it.Image result for floor tiles selfie
  10. Inspiration quotes that make you feel really inspired whilst your sitting in your tea stained pjs whilst watching some rubbish on telly.Image result for get shite done

Cheers for reading X

Sticky Mud and Belly Laughs

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