FTMOB – November

Hey readers,

My five year old son never stops rabbiting. Seriously, I mean am not an outgoing and suffer with social anxiety. His dad is friendly and can talk to random people. My son however is on another level. He is non-stop chat from the moment he wakes till he hits his head on the pillow. He get’s very exhausted and just don’t know how he hasn’t suffered from jaw ache yet! Anyone lets get cracking on some conversations shall we:

I live on sixteen floor tower block and my ds1 said to me today, “mummy, we live in a really tall tower block today”. I can’t really capture it through words but just the relavation and astonishment really cracked me up.

Yesterday we went out to a local cafe for some lunch and my youngest has been poorly from a sickness bug. It has resulted him losing his appitite and suffering from hn constipation. Which is very usual for him as a regular poo deliever. Daddy earlier said to my ds1 we needed to get some orange juice to help make his brother feel better. So when my ds1 was choosing a drink he said, “I gave him orange juice because I know he is not well and it would help me feel better”. Seriously my son can really push my buttons and we do clash as we are so alike.  However, ds1 is so caring and thoughtful it really does melt your heart.

Close by near our home there is a single tree with a box round it  but it has gaps where the kids walk into it. My  eldest loves calling it ‘jail’.

On the bus today  me and my eldest were discussing Father Christmas. This is how the conversation unraveled so funny and logical really. Him – “Father Christmas on Christmas Eve travels all AROUND the world to deliever presents to EVERYONE. When he has finished he is so tired that he needs to rest all day”. Honestly I pissed myself laughing, it was such a brilliant thought.

Finally my youngest earlier was playing with our cat with the cat teaser stick. He was bending round to see him and calling him,’Monty, Monty’. Which I think is just adoreable.

Cheers for reading X

Little Hearts, Big Love

4 thoughts on “FTMOB – November

  1. That sense of astonishment when they suddenly realise something for the first time, like the fact you live in a tall tower block, is so funny sometimes. Sorry to hear that your younger son has been unwell – bless your older son for being so thoughtful though and hope that DS2 is feeling better now. I’m not surprised that Father Christmas needs to rest all day on Christmas Day after his very busy night! Thanks for linking up to #ftmob 🙂

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