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No surprises why, but it was lovely this year to watch the fireworks with the family.  I live on 16th floor so can stay at home and watch it all from my balcony.  Last year, there was hardly any for some strange reason. But this year it seemed quite spectacular. It was particularly good now that my youngest is a little bit older to appreciate them.

Both my boys loved the way the fireworks lit up in the sky with all the different colours.  We also had hot dogs and it has turned into a bit of tradition here so it was great way to end the evening. I am so glad that we can see them at our home because how cold was it on Saturday night, blimey the heating was working overtime that night. I have to really motivate myself to leave the home as I much prefer to be at home all warm and snugly.
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14 thoughts on “Fireworks 

  1. I always like fireworks nightie much more that Halloween if I’m honest! Lucky you to stay at home and watch them. And yes hasn’t the weather turned cold, any excuse to stay smuggled up and inside and I’m there, too!!
    Have a lovely week

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