My Second Chance Story

Hey readers,

I was asked to write about my second chance story. So, I am going to write about the second chance when I got together with my husband.

A little background wouldn’t go a miss. So before I got into a relationship with my husband we were friends for many years, we randomly, by chance, met on a bus going in similar directions. We hit it off straight away and started talking. We remained friends for a number of years. We were both in relationships so we never got together romantically beforehand. Then, what with time and life, contact between us got lost for a year or two. I changed my number and just got on with my life as you do.
Then one day out of the blue my husband contacted me via MySpace (I know, what the heck is that?). He left a sweet, kind of dedication to me in a column on the side of his page and, of course, what a fantastic way to be wooed!

After getting in touch and meeting again, it gave us the opportunity to re-connect. I learnt that my hubby had a serious head injury at work. I wonder, if because of this, it helped give him some perspective on life as before he was a workaholic. By now he wasn’t getting any younger and maybe it was just a kick up the bottom that he needed.

I am glad it did happen in one sense (not the physical pain) but because we might not have met up again and I might not have got the chance to get married and have children. I am autistic and the odds in both situations are slim, especially as I am not the best with being in a relationship and I am lucky that my husband is very patient with me.

And as they say the rest is history.

Cheers for reading X

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10 thoughts on “My Second Chance Story

  1. What a fantastic second chance story! I remember MySpace too you’ll be pleased to know, and what a lovely thing to do. I think it sounds like your Husbands injury did give him a bit of perspective and it sounds like you’ve all got your happy ending! Thanks so much for joining us at #DreamandSparkle hope to see you back next time!

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