Be That Ultimate Cool Parent!

All parents want to be seen as cool! Don’t you dare deny it. It’s all about being hip and looking good in front of your children. Yet sometimes we fail. Sometimes we have to admit that it’s an absolute cringefest. But cringe no longer. This is your time. Your time to be given a whole new dose of respect.

So it’s their birthday next week. What to get them? They weren’t too happy with the pair of grey socks they received last year were they? You thought they’d be great for school but you completely misread the situation. This year, why not change things up? Why not think outside the box? Why not surprise them with an absolute showstopper?


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Think about their favourite sport. Is it basketball, football, running or something a bit more extravagant? You could think about getting them equipment they need for their passion. How about a set of top of range golf clubs or looking through a catalogue of skateboards? Imagine your surprise when he rips open that wrapping paper. He thought he was getting a new textbook for school and he ends up being the proud new owner of a cruiser. You’ll never be respected more.

Do you know your son or daughter’s favourite type of music? Surely you’ve told them to turn it down enough times. Did you have a little listen before you did? Well like in your day job, you could think about doing a bit of market research before you purchase said gift. What’s in the charts at the moment? Ask your nephew or niece and do some digging online. You could make or break their birthday. Or next time, you tell them to turn it down, enquire casually as to who it is. They will never think that you’re too cool to do anything about it.

How do your children deal with surprises? Love them or loathe them, there’s a great possibility that they will end up appreciating it. What about arranging a party with close family and friends? Imagine how they will react. Is it a positive reaction? If so, why not start organising it. Provide enough food and drink for guests, get someone who knows their music on the decks and they are bound to have a good time; especially if it’s for a special birthday. It will be an excuse to bring all extended family together again as well as meeting and greeting the friends of your children. Of course you will judge them. Which parent doesn’t? But for at least today, keep your mouth closed and your children firmly on side.

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With all these questions and answers that you have in your head, you’re guaranteed to at least bring a smile to your moody child on their birthday. Delve into their tastes, take interest in their likes and dislikes and eavesdrop into their casual conversations. You make get a brainwave. Be that cool parent you’ve always wanted to be and create something extra special this year.

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