​Hey readers,
My word of the week is 

Because for the last four weeks I have been running. I have decided to run as a form of exercise. I downloaded the c25k app and it is the best thing I have ever done!

I love running outside in the fresh air, it is free and good to clear your head. I like the fact I am getting fitter and building stamina. I definately can say I have caught the running bug. If I can do it then anyone can do, lol!

In other news it is the week the boys return to school and nursery. I love having them at home but by God it is lovely to have some ‘me time’ and peace to think for a bit. 

Talking of school, it means the return of so many  letters. I have had FIVE letters in the space of four days, seriously why can’t we just let kids play like the happy people of Denmark do, tsk! Rant over!
Cheers for reading X 

The Reading Residence

20 thoughts on “Running 

  1. I would love to take up running again. But it’s not exactly running terrain where we live 😦 And yes, I agree. Can’t our kids just be happy? Apparently not, according to OFSTED. My daughter’s school got a good beating from them 😦 #wotw

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  2. Oh my all these fit people who run.. I don’t run.. well not unless I have to chase after an errant little dear at lunchtime on the playground LOL! Good on you though, I think it’s very important to find some time and space for yourself.

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