Frugal Kids Christmas Activities

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Can’t quite believe we are now in December and I still  feel quite complexed that Christmas  is not far away now and how the heck I am going to get through the festive period financially. So I have drawn up some ideas of some activities that I can do that are cheap and cheerful.

Write letter to Santa – all you need to do is get your little darlings to write a letter to Santa (Here is the address). Use this address and send it by 8th December. Then you are guaranteed to get a free letter back from Santa. How cute eh and the only cost is paper/second class post.

On Christmas Eve you can track Santa in the sky, download the app and play fun interactive games. Great fun to watch and spy  Santa and his movements. You can find out more here NORAD.

Alternatively, you could go visit Santa at his grotto. Bear in mind you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to visit Santa’s grotto as most shopping centres provide free ones, result!

I thought this would be a  bit of fun and a personal touch with this wonderful colour in Christmas table cloth for my boys. They love knowing the fact they have done something and being on display. Such a cool and simple Christmas activity, plus it cost me 99p form good old Home Bargains.



Another wonderful free activity to do with your little ‘uns, is a personlised Santa video on your electronical devices. I did this last year with the boys and particularly my eldest loved it.

A free outdoor activity to do as a family is walk around your local area and see all the wonderful decorations that are on display.

As a family you could make a night together to decorate the tree.

A cosy idea is to snuggle down on a grim day and watch a Christmas DVD. I’ll be honest, one of my favourites is Father Christmas, even after all these years, it’s still blooming good 😉

Image result for father christmas raymond briggs

I be honest with you, last year I did attempt to make a ginger bread house with two boys. It was chaotic and stressful. This year I am going to be different and take the more easy/relaxed approach with making some ginger bread men. No point in getting so stressed that it is not fun and more of a chore.

One of the best things I love is reading books and what better way then to celebrate the festive season with a Christmas book. I love this one adapted to where I live as the boys love spotting the landmarks and it feels a bit more real.


I hope this has helped make you feel festive.


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Run Jump Scrap!

Shouty Mummy

Hey readers,

Today I lost my cool, I have had enough of bickering, the noise, my  anxiety and just generaal fucking life. I scream becuase I can’t cope, I don’t know what to say to husband, who trys be the reasoner, who quite frankly pisses me off becuase he is better then I will ever be.

I am useless, all the parent training, all the promises have gone straight out of the windown yet again. I am full of shit.

I can’t communicate anything to anyone, I just want everyone to shut the fuck up. I mean  honestly who gives a fuck about mega bricks.

I am angry at the kids, at the husband at me for losing a stupid letter. I misplace everything and can’t get it together. My life has fallen apart at this moment.

I never get anything right, I make empty promises.

I try to be calm next time,

I try to listen next time,

Instead I am full of wasted air.

I try not to let my anxiety get in the way and do stupid activities that are not ideal or convenient because I  can’t be rational. I can’t work things out like most people can. I have to do something then and not later. I push, push, push! Story.Of.My.Life.

I lose my shit, get angry have a meltdown and escape to my bedroom leaving everything like a world war there zone and my husband can deal with the aftermath of my force.

I am a useless piece of shit that expects too much from everyone. I have no patience, I am too literal and always fuck up! I constantly question why I had children, am I fit mother and just dealth everything I do. I find it hard to imagine how breeze through parenthood whereas I feel a total mess at each stage of the journey.

This is me.
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Life with Baby Kicks

Five things I have learnt about motherhood

Hey readers,

This mother role is hard work, don’t get me wrong sometimes it can be fun, lovely, honaerable. On the flip side you can feel anxious, scared or even dread at times. It is so hard to get it right but sometimes just going along and being there in that you learn a lot more then any manual will tell you. Here is some of the things I have learnt going through the journey of motherhood.

1. Sometimes being a mum feels like a constant treadmill that you have to keep running to keep the balance right. It feels constant and repetitive. Sometimes I get this feeling of restlessness that will never end. For example the never ending pile of washing. Just when you think you have completed all the washing within half an hour there is another load appeared.  But you know what it is OK to stop, have a break from it and do something different. Have a day off because you know what you deserve it regardless what the media say!

2. Sometimes you mess up spectacular and you know what I have learnt that it is OK. Nobody provides that perfect parenting book.  Sometimes you just winging and learning as you go. Knowledge maybe powerful but experience is also up there with understanding in my opinion.

3. You know sometimes your child may act aggressively towards you. At that moment you just want to shout, “WILL YOU JUST STOP”. What really they need is your attention and affection even if they are being little shits, sometimes there maybe an underlying reason. This was one of my biggest challenges as I have Asperger syndrome which makes it really, really difficult to understand body language etc so I really had to work my butt of to understand and put myself in someone elses shoes. I don’t always get it right because saying and doing ate two different things. But practice and working at it all you can do and remembering that no one is perfect.

4. Learn the art of negotiation and you will find that both child and parent will win. It is tough but give it time and  it gets better and your relationship changes. I definitely notice a change between me and my children’s relationships. Sometimes it is hard to listen to your child especially if you have a million and one things to do. you just instant behaviours sadly we won’t always get it. Listening is a valuable skill that will help strength your relationship. It does take time however I can  verify that it has rewards in the long term. When I take a step back and listen my child is more willing and responsive. Overtime it gets easier, not always of course because life is not like that. I can confirm though that there is significant changes in a  more harmonious environment. Which makes parenting a hell of a lot easier.

5. One of the major things I have learnt through raising my children is patience and dedication. I sometimes have to hold back/ put on a mask or stay quiet. I have found this helps as I can’t always deal with immediate emotional responses due to my disability. I need time to digest and reflect before decisions. I have learnt to wait before I react as I am better mentally prepared to deal with that situation. Sometimes us parents just need to have five minutes away from the child to cool down the sitruation. It helps breaking down the negativity and coming back to the situation at a later date with fresher eyes to deal with it.

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Candyfloss & Dreams

Help Save Wildlife

Hey readers,

The State Of Nature Report 2016 reveals that the UK is one of the most nature-depleted countries in the world, with the greatest threats being agricultural and climate change.

Some of the areas affecting wildlife are woodland, coastal, urban and farmland. This is having huge impacts on wildlife. Though there are lots of interventions locally and nationally to protect and improve habitats and creatures. I am going to give some of my suggestions in ways that I think are great to help our wildlife in the UK.  Small changes make big impacts. Not only will you benefit from doing something positive but also it is really valuable service to provide and help protect wildlife.

Image result for volunteer

volunteer – there is a wide range of roles to help give something to protect wildlife. Some examples in ways in which you can help locally are; dry walling, looking after nature reserve, running a wildlife watch groups to name but a few.

Image result for recycle

Recycling can help protect animals.Making sure items such as plastic are recycled in  the correct manner.  Also trying to recycle your items where possible can really help reduce the impact on the environment.

Image result for pesticides

reduction in herbicide and pesticides can help wildlife, it takes a long time for these chemicals to disperse. It can effect soil therefore impacting what animals eat and implications for the food chain. Chemicals have been found to effect the growth of plants or vegetables with less risk of negatively making a wildlife ill.

Image result for slow down driving

Slow down when driving as some animals have no choice but to cross the road as they have to find food.If you reduce your speed then it allows you to stop in time if the animal decides to dart in front of the road.

Litter can be a big problem for animals. Be mindful if you do have rubbish to tidy it up after you, Don’t chuck stuff out of the window, as plastic can cause chocking if the animal decides to eat it. If there is broken glass from a bottle left on the pavement for example this could harm animals by cutting there paws.

Image result for feed wildlife

Don’t feed wild animals as they can become dependant on humans for food and may not get the correct nutrients needed for their diet. This could lead the wild animals in getting health problems as a direct repose of it. If wild animals become fearless of humans there is potential that other humans will be fearful and want to cause harm because they see them as a thread with being feral.

Eco Holidays is alternative way to enjoy a holiday. Wild Days provide conservation holidays with a purpose. You can work  and learn alongside nature expects. It gives you change to meet other like-minded people. The holidays are based in the UK.


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I have written this post about how to help save wildlife and for a change to win the competition to win a UK wildlife conservation holiday with Wild Days.

Keep Calm and Carry On Linking Sunday


Hey readers,

My word of the week is :

This is because this weather we have been experiencing recently has been wet and dame right miserable.

I hate leaving the house when it is bitterly cold but still I have to do the school run, boo. I  look like a drowned rat, I am so cold after getting drenched in the wet.

It has dampened my mood, I feel a bit meh, maybe because it time of the month to boot.

Right now, I have no motivation, other then to snuggle down in a blanket and close all the blinds and forget about the world.

One thing I do love when it is so grim outside is comfort food. We have a pork joint and I am overly excited about that being cooked in the oven. I can’t wait to have gravy and mash. To me that is the ultimate in home comforts. Well and fluffy socks is the second winner.

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The Reading Residence

Secondary Primary Caregiver

Hey readers,

This week has been somewhat challenging. My son has been sick and my routine has been changed. I am autistic therefore find change difficult, not to mention long periods of time with my children is hard and mentally draining for me.

Now I do have my husband as my carer due to my disability. As we are both are at home we can split the care if we wish. It allows me to have a break. However,  when I do I feel a break I am left feeling dreadful and guilty.

Why do I feel like this? well, because I feel I am not competent in being an adequate mother. I feel like a failure, maybe it is because I feel like I have been conditioned to feel like this.

I know there was an interesting drama on the telly some time ago, reflecting on real-life situations of parents who are disabled and the fear of social services taking their children away.

I worry about what happens when my husband, God forbid dies in an accident, would social services take my children away? In one sense I would be doing more jobs like cooking etc. So, maybe I may just deal with it and I wouldn’t have as much time to think and reflect, therefore not feeling as bad.

One professional who I discussed my fears with regarding the situation about if hubby dies. She was very comforting with her words, saying that I would just deal with the situation and readjust to a new routine. I probably get some additional help. She works closely with social services and worked with other individuals with additional needs. She did say I had to be really bad to get my children taken off me. She knew that I worked really hard, open to professionals and I wasn’t as bad as I feel inside my own head.

Why do I feel scared then? I feel that I am autistic and Like I would be judged for my downfalls, even though sometimes my autism can enhance my parenting!

The guilt eats away at me, I feel I should be working that bit harder as an autistic parent to make up for my incompetence. I feel I should focus more on my child. Of course, there are times when my husband is not around and I look after both children and funnily enough there is nothing bad that happened.

It is the battle I feel that I have to fight every single day. I dread some days because it is only me who is beating myself mentally for not being good enough parent. I feel as I am the secondary caregiver and that my role is not good enough. Even though I work my ass off and having to do more things consciously that others would take it like the water of a duck’s back. I blame myself for having to have breaks and not for feeling better after. The guilt that I should be enjoying being with my child and not want to escape. But at times that is just what I want to do. Escape from the noise and having to focus all my attention on the child. Having to work overtime to plan and to perform in the correct manner. It is so exhausting and sometimes I just want to stop thinking.

Sometimes I feel that I am not worthy of being a parent because of my autism. I will influence their development and if anything goes wrong then I blame myself for not being good enough.  It is easy to get in this cycle especially if you have low self-worth. You feel isolated as there is not enough support for autistic parenting. We don’t fall under the mental health or learning disabilities section, meaning that we are stranded, stuck and confused. That is how I feel. Being in a neurotypical world I am constantly battling and sometimes it is just my thoughts, other times I feel there are real barriers that hinder my performance.

I have recently thought that couple therapy may help me as a medium to express my feelings of not being as good as the other parent and all them insecurities attached. If you are interested in the benefits of couples counselling here is an article discussing weather couple therapy is worth it –

Cheers for reading X