Hey readers,

My word of the week is:

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This is because i have been sleeping badly due to my son going through a horrible period waking up several times a night and over time really dampens everything.

However, we did get to go to the pumpkin farm and have fun picking our own one. We have a massive one, even though cheeky hubby told me it was the same as last years, it was clearly not! Still the boys are going to have fun carving the pumpkin on Saturday.

We also got a green pumpkin as it is the best one for making pumpkin tart,so hopefully that sis something fun we can do in the half term.

Which as it is half term coming up looking forward for a break from the constant letters/homework etc that seems to be continous, jeez it’s hardcore now they are at school.

Cheers for reading X

The Reading Residence

18 thoughts on “Knackered

  1. Sorry you’re so knackered. You’ve had such a hard time of it lately. Hope half term is relaxing for you – well as relaxing as it can be with two kids in tow! #WotW

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  2. Nothing worse than broken sleep I hope you all get some peaceful nights soon. I didn’t know that about green pumpkins I must pick some up this week, enjoy carving yours. #WotW

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  3. Sounds like half term is coming at just the right time!
    I hope your boy managed to sleep better this week so at least you can take advantage of not having to do the school run next week.
    I’ve been seeing so many pumpkin patch photos on Instagram – we’re heading out this week!
    Have a great week

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