Pumpkin time 🎃 

Hey readers,

One of my Autumn Bucket List was to visit a pumpkin farm to pick our own pumpkin. This week we finally got to tick the task of the list as we are fast approaching the end of October. We have been to our local farm last year and my boys loved going around and seeing the spooky decorations which a lovely diverse range of stuff.

A particularly  favourite moment at the pumpkin farm was to go in the dark room and see seeing my boys glow in the dark outfit light up.

I love the fact how much my youngest has chilled out more and willing to listen. It is so much easier to enjoy a day out when people are a bit more relaxed.

The boys had a blast and they even got to chose a cute little pumpkin of there own.

We picked a corker of a big pumpkin and it is going to be so cool at a later date to carve the big guy.

This year we also have a table whereby we can put the pumpkin in the centre of the table one night when we have a meal. It just the littlest things that keep your spirits high on the lower and difficult days.


big punpkin!

So many pumpkins to chose from!

So many interesting shapes, sizes and colour pumpkins you can get. Something you will never find in your local supermarket.

One of the fun things to do at the pumkin farm is to have a ride around the pull along cart. This is the life for two children!

Yep they are never going perform on the spot are they?! One day mummy my learn but still we have a cool backdrop for a photo!

Finally the piece de resistance s getting a green pumpkin as we were advised was the best one to make pumpkin tart, yummilicious!

Cheers for reading X

Dear Bear and Beany

9 thoughts on “Pumpkin time 🎃 

  1. We picked our pumpkin the other week and I think we’ll be carving it this weekend – I can’t wait! I’ve not done it since I was a kid though, hoping I still have some creative skill! Fab photos – it looks like you all had a wonderful time! Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

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