Be Still Tea

Hey readers,

One of my favourite things in life is a warm cup of  Rosie Lee. There is something comforting about tea and like the saying by Arthur Wing Pinero goes, ” Where there’s tea, there’s hope”.


Tea, Cup, Saucer, Drink, Cuppa, Brew

So why not write a poem about tea and all it’s loveliness!

When I think of tea,

I think of positivity,

some atheletes need strengh,

well I just need a hot cuppa,

then I feel fabiulous

and ready to go,

you see it bewith me,

from years ago,

although I do stop,

at fish tea,

which terrifys me.

In saying that,

I like a good strong brew,

none of this flat tasteless types,

but not to hot,

to cause ravage with a broken cup.

slip slowly and enjoy,

the aromas of tea,

feel your  belly warm,

with delight,

there always be comfort,

in a mug of tea.

Cheers for reading X

Prose for Thought

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