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My word of the week is:

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because oh my word it is bloody freezing at night and I am terribly British and love to moan about all things weather related, why the hell not. Though, I am still refusing to turn the heating on until November, unless it is awful then I maybe weakened to do it. I am so tight…haha!

But I have enjoyed fluffy socks, cosy pj’s and dressing gowns. Cuddling under the throws and not really wanting to leave the home because it is so horribly cold with that eastly wind. I do quite like the feeling of being safe inside whilst looking out of the window at the grey clouds hovering around aimlessly.

I have also enjoyed recently buying a few bits and bobs for Halloween, it is so fun and the boys have loved wearing their Halloween dressing up outfits. My eldest has decided he is called ‘Bone Man’ as he wears his Halloween outfit with all the bones on every night. It is also glow in the dark so we have had fun running around crazy but at least it has kept them entertained for a little while.

Cheers for reading X

The Reading Residence

6 thoughts on “Brrr

  1. This made me laugh, my British husband LOVES to moan about the weather. However, I’m hardcore when it comes to not turning on the heat. I mean I live in Scandinavia and before meeting him I was the last of my friends 4 years in a row to turn it on… none of my friends live this far north. Now he’s all like, “it’s bloody cold, being cheap with heat is a good way to ruin a building.” #MMBC

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