spaghetti unwined

Hey readers,

I was eating spaghetti today and it promoted me to write about it as you do. But look deeper the layers of thought of an eating disorder that crops up. i will promise one day I will write a lighthearted poem with no dark undertones.

Sometimes spaghetti can be quite charming,

squealing around the plate at me,

maybe because I have a weakness,

but I would rather have a carb then a hamburger,

any old day of the week is fine by me.

In the mist of my hazy love affair,

where my emotions and food are complex,

that I feel perplexed to understand my weakness,

for all things gluttony .

Even though it at times makes me squeal with delight,

I will always struggle with being weak,

it will catch me when I am desperate,

for the love of food can not be matched,

to any other relationship,

that is manifested with hate and love.

Cheers for reading X

Prose for Thought

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