Planning a Holiday to the USA? Tips and Tricks To Get You Started

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The United States of America is on a wishlist for many people. Taking the kids to Disneyworld in Florida is a dream for many, or taking a drive on the world famous Route 66. So if you are thinking of planning a trip to the US, what do you need to consider? Here are a few ideas and suggestions for you. Good luck with your trip!


Entry Requirements

First of all, you need to check about eligibility to get into the country. Several years ago, trips to America changed where you have to apply for a visa online, before you travel. You can’t just fill in a form on the plane, as you would have several years ago. You need to do it as far in advance as possible really. The day before isn’t exactly ideal. You will need to have the address of where you are staying at hand too. But the form is straightforward and if approved, will last for two years. So if you do go the states again, you can just amend your address on the visa, rather than apply for a brand new one. So you visit for some more information, if needed set a budget. This is an obvious step for any trip, but a must for going to the US. If you are going there for the first time, you might see lots of things that you want get. That’s all fine, as long as it goes within your budget. Deciding how long you want to go for, and how much you have to spend is key. It will determine your destination and what you do there. So sit down and sort that out fairly early on.

Choosing Your Destination

The next step would be choosing your destination. If you have got your budget set, then it might be a little easier to choose. Though Florida might be a dream trip, it might end up costing too much. So think about what you can afford and go from there. A trip to New York could be an option or how about Chicago? There are choices like the southern states like Louisiana. If it was in your budget, you could even go over to California and do a little road trip to Las Vegas. Taking internal trips can cost more to your car rental, for example. So one destination might be best for you.

Get Insurance 

Travel insurance is important for any trip. It is of paramount importance when going to the US, though. As we know there is no NHS over there. So should the worst happen, it can really cost you a lot of money. Talking about a lot of money! You don’t want to get into debt just because you broke your leg! So make sure that you get travel insurance, for sure.

Good luck and enjoy your trip! I hope it is memorable for you. If you have been before, are there any places that you would recommend?

Cheers for reading X

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18 thoughts on “Planning a Holiday to the USA? Tips and Tricks To Get You Started

  1. A brilliant post, really helpful. I went to New York a few years ago and I felt like it was a place when one visit was enough, it really was just like the movies. And so many other places in America to explore! #KCACOLS

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