Hey readers,


My word of the week is :


because we have mainly plodding on and have the busy week last week, it feels like a comedown from all the chaos.

My DS1 had a day off on Monday due to teacher training day so was nice to spend time with me and his daddy. We did nothing spectacular, I had to go doctors and get bloods done. But for him he was excited to one watch mummy get flu jab and then if that was not enough I had to get my bloods done as part of a routine check. He loves understanding the way things work out so to watch the needle go in my arm and the blood get sucked up, he was fascinated.

We have also finally started to make improvements to our flat but it is slow moving but each step is a positive to completed the work.

Hope you had a good week,


Cheers for reading  X

The Reading Residence

20 thoughts on “Slow-Moving

  1. I think sometimes you need slow weeks to compensate for the busy ones, good to hear you are making progress on your home improvements a little bit at a time is certainly better than nothing. #WotW

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