It’s all about the picnic


Hey readers,


Both my boys love the outdoors so when BritMums challenged me to the #MamiaDaysOut challenge I was eager to give it a go. I got send some Aldi’s range  products called Mamia. There are a variety of stuff that is suitable for little ones, from pureed pouches to get little one into food, to fruit pots, rice cakes and flavoured spring water. Not mention the wet wipes and nappies. These products are ideal to have around the home or when you are out and about as it is so easy to administer on the go.



The food is great for me when having a picnic as it quick and easy so less stress for me as a parent.

I particularly like the spring water that is already diluted and ready to drink as it was so convenient and my boys loved the flavour. It came in spring water which was an added bonus.

The fruit pots which another great hot for me as my children struggle at the moment to get enough fruit inside them as they  find it hard to digest hard fruit. So the pots are a healthy alternative snack or pudding for them. There is also the feeling positive about the food as it is nutritious don’t have to worry about any bad chemicals.

Rice cakes come in different flavours and are great for snacking on in the park for instance. They were firm hit my littlest couldn’t get them down quick enough and really enjoyed them that much that he kept asking for more. They do come in a big bag which is great as they can be reused over several times rather then just once which is a financial benefit for us parents!

The food is 100% organic with the prices starting from 59p. Great value and eases the pressure of having the guilt around good.

Because the Mamia stuff is usable straight away you can relax more more relaxing when going out because you can spend less time getting ready and running around like a headless chicken and spend more time with the children and having fun.

I decided to do a picnic and take a football with is to a green area for a kick about .Both my boys love to play games especially running about freely so that a success already. Plus you don’t have to fork out a load of money for a great day out all need is preparation and the job is guddan!.

I can confirm that both boys gave the drink and rice cakes particularly a thumbs up. My boys aren’t keen  on puree pouches anymore this maybe because they are older and it is more suited for the younger children who have just started weaning. Which I highly recommend as it is right drag sometimes having to puree all the time. This is a quick and convenient way of getting the job done, meaning more time to drink a hot cup of tea, result!


All the goodies bring the boys to the yard!



Drinks are a hit!



Luckily that the day we went for a picnic was beautiful!

Here is a little vlog of our day, chaotic but happy, hehe!

Cheers for reading X

“This post is an entry for BritMums #MamiaDaysOut Linky Challenge, sponsored by Aldi Mamia,”

Pink Pear Bear

4 thoughts on “It’s all about the picnic

  1. Looks like you had a great time and for me, the best part of a picnic is if I don’t have to prepare anything and there are good products that the kids like that I can just throw into the basket. Thanks for sharing with #bigpinklink

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