isn’t it ironic…

Hey readers,


Sometimes when I am feeling a little pants, I look through some funny pictures from the net that make me howl. I particularly have a soft spot for irony, it cracks me up and it is cheaper then therapy. So I have collected some brilliant snaps that can guarantee to put a smile on to your face!


Yep, think this is a classic fail or the dog has an addiction to bottles ๐Ÿ˜‰


apart from…


Must be hard work keeping your eyes open all day long…


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There is always one rebel!


Someone needs to learn the word straight, haha.




Got to love the bloody obvious.



Maybe they are just saving there energy for the gym!


Oh no your poor aunt Sue.

I hope this made me you giggle for five!

Cheers for reading X

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16 thoughts on “isn’t it ironic…

  1. Hahahaha, definitely got some chuckles out of me! Irony is a weakness of mine as well. It’s just so…ironic. ha! Thanks for sharing โค #KCACOLS

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