When tiredness hits

Hey readers,

This week has been a tough week for me with change particularly as both boys are back at school/nursery. So tiredness has been in full bloom and affected me very much so. It annoys me tired and here is my reasons:

  1. I can’t get anything done as I am so tired. makes me miserable when I think all about my bed when I have an endless list of tasks that have left uncompleted.
  2. Makes me over the top with emotions. One minute really happy followed instance with tears, boo!
  3. I have to remake stuff as I make errors particularly the all important tea making when I accidentally put coffee in the cup, ffs!
  4. You can’t think straight and nothing makes logical sense.
  5. You question yourself about everything and want to hide away.
  6.  All your body aches with the exhaustion and lifting things kills.
  7. Nothing becomes more sexier then a nap.
  8. Really affects my self esteem over a long period and influences my depression.
  9. Long periods of tiredness can cause me to lose joy in everyday activities. It is hard to put a mask on to the world.
  10. Low energy and inability to be creative with ideas on things I want to achieve.


Cheers for reading X

Life with Baby Kicks

7 thoughts on “When tiredness hits

  1. I’m so sorry to read that you’re feeling this way. I completely understand and sympathise – I have heart failure so feel exhausted most of the time, and you’ve just described a typical day for me too. Hang on in there, things will get better soon I’m sure. *Hugs* xx

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