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My word of the week is:

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This is because my son on Monday started full days at nursery. I have learnt to adapt this week to the changes of times when collecting and dropping off my boy. As I also have to get the other child in my life goes to nursery.

As my son eats a main meal at school I have also had to change the meal times which is a bit frustrating wen you have to adapt. Especially when going out shopping then trying to rush a about in the kitchen like a crazy woman.

In other news my youngest this week he seems to be having the most awful tantrums that can last for like 10-15 mins. It is unusual as he normally doesn’t last three minutes usually. Oh boy do they hurt your ears as they are frequent causing me to be so tired having to deal with the drama. When we picked up my eldest he decided to have a fit because I would not get him an ice-cream from the shop. So all the way back from the school to home he whaled and screeched. I hope this is short period and hope it is linked just from tiredness at the return of going to nursery.

Hope you enjoyed your week.

Cheers for reading X

The Reading Residence

6 thoughts on “Routine

  1. Aww routine is what woke me early this Saturday as my son is used to waking up school time even on weekends. Its nice to adjust but yes it sometimes bad when everything needs to revolve around my son’s school schedule.

    I hope the tantrums like you said wont last long. That reminded me of my son when he is younger. Sometimes I have phobie going out because he will have tantrums and everyone will look at us!


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